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Best selection of souvenir plush products and brands! >>Read More>>

The RGU Group is a boutique importer and leading wholesale supplier of premier souvenir plush toys and companion products. We’re confident that no one does destination name-dropped plush and children’s apparel quite like RGU! From our Zoovenir line... (more...)

Genuine Leather, Made in the USA >>Read More>>

American Leather Works, Inc handcrafts beautiful genuine leather gifts and souvenirs – keychains, lighters, magnets, bookmarks, ashtrays, pouches, purses, ornaments, and more.  Read More →

2012 Shark Tank Deal >>Read More>>

After turning 40, founder Rick Hopper began wearing glasses and habitually dropping and losing them. This sparked the idea in 2010 to create a solution to this every day problem for millions of people who wear glasses. In 2012, ReadeREST landed a deal... (more...)

Premier supplier of die cut stickers >>Read More>>

Steamboat Sticker set out in 2012 with a goal of reinvigorating a category which had grown stale and stagnant for years: stickers. What started in a garage in Steamboat Springs has become a highly sought after brand synonymous with quality and innovation.... (more...)

Natural sandstone coasters >>Read More>>

Wonderstone coasters are made of natural sandstone making them extremely absorbent. The coasters are cut from real sandstone and they never stick to a glass.  Read More →

Personalized name dropped canvas bags. >>Read More>>

The Prairie Schooner has, for over 40 years, provided and continues to provide the resort and souvenir industry with great selling products. Products that Range from personalized name dropped canvas bags to wine bottle holders & accessories to... (more...)

Silky fun unisex boxer shorts for Men and Women >>Read More>>

American Mills International Brief Insanity boxer and lounge pants are made for men and women with a versatile design that lets you wear them as underwear, shorts or sleepwear. These silk feeling bottoms are made of an innovative micro material and... (more...)

The first breathable active silicone ring >>Read More>>

Groove Life is for the athlete, the adventurer, the professional, the trend setter. It begs to be worn, shown and tested everyday no matter what the circumstance. Groove silicone is resistant to most common chemicals including gasoline, oil, diesel,... (more...)

Art pieces that appeal to all with a focus on colleges and pro teams. >>Read More>>

Prints Charming offers uniquely designed products for sports fans and tourists. Also available is an array of personalized designs that can be drop shipped.  Read More →

Reinventing indoor/outdoor footwear. >>Read More>>

Nufoot is a 4-way stretch shoe that accommodates a wide range of foot shapes and sizes. It is designed to be one of the most comfortable slippers that you will have ever experienced. It protects and cuddles your feet like a pair of gloves!  Read More →

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