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Daydream HQ

Start Date:

Deadline: ONGOING
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Name drops are now FREE with any $150 purchase of our small gift items (magnets, ornaments, postcards and mini art).

Jeanne Dana

Start Date:

Deadline: Ongoing
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2 additional FREE pieces for prepaid orders

Kay Dee Designs

Start Date:

Deadline: ONGOING
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Kay Dee Special Offer (with approved credit)
(See details on page 170 of the 2021 SPRING Catalog)


• $500+ – N90
• $1,500+ – Net 90 & 1/2 Freight (Does not apply to Canadian customers)

Sticker Pack

Start Date: 03/31/2021

Deadline: Until
Further Notice
Sticker Pack Logo

FREE displays when filled, FREE open order freight, FREE art/name drops, FREE tier 2 pricing on opening orders