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Under Stella’s Umbrella Bellemonde started as a home show business and then they hit the road as a traveling retailer going from charity show to charity show all over the country!

The business morphed to a wholesale biz after several trips back to Asia and when Stella’s other company, Fine Whines, was born. Having been retailers we have walked in your shoes and are sympathetic to the retail woes. We don’t want you ever whining about us!

Under the Bellemonde brand we have ‘A Beaucoup of Beautiful Things’ including our luggage as well as Noble Initials. Bellemonde allows Stella to design and create any product that she thinks is worthy and that you may like!

Whispers our new line of exquisite ribbon necklaces and scarves has taken the world by storm.  We have been shouting about them since September 2013 and have sold over 90,000 and growing. Made in Greensboro Alabama, we have teamed up with a local non-profit to help women in the Black Belt region of Alabama. We are changing lives one ribbon necklace at a time!



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